Organic Artisanal Cheeses

Le Portage No. 1

Mild Cheddar

Aged 2 - 4 months
Buttery, but not without a bit of firmness, it develops a subtle tang as it melts on your palate. Pairs pleasantly with everything.

Le Portage No. 2

Medium Cheddar

Aged 4 to 10 months
Our medium cheddar has a slightly firm texture and offers a hint of a more pronounced cheddar flavor. If you are a fan of delicately tangy flavors, you will be delighted with Le Portage no. 2.

Le Portage No. 3

Aged Cheddar

Aged 10+ months
Sharper and more mature, this crumbling aged cheddar has an earthy texture and a pleasantly acidulated finish.

Le Blondeau

Young Gouda

Aged 4 - 6 weeks
A rich and tangy gouda with a salted base enlivened by grassy notes and a nutty finish

Le Chenail

Aged Gouda

Everything you love about our Le Blondeau, but with a slightly firmer texture and a more intense flavor of hazelnuts and caramel.

Le Long-Sault

Camembert style

The Long-Sault is a delectable soft cheese. Its texture is rich and creamy. With its bloomy rind, it has a delicate taste of nuts with subtle notes of mushroom. A gift for your taste buds!


Mamirolle style

L'Affluent is an ashy, velvet rind gives way to a creamy and salted body. Smokier, brighter-coloured than other bloomy rinds, this uniquely savory cheese will impress your guests.

Le Carillon

St Paulin style

A milky, semi-soft cheese with hints of walnut and a buttery taste that blurs the lines between sweet and tangy. 


Blue cheese

A bright and earthy blue, both crumbly and soft, with pockets and veins that inject into its ivory-coloured paste a distinctly bold sharpness. 

Le Rassembleur

Raclette style

The Rassembleur - an aromatic raclette-style cheese! It's distinguished by its delicious creamy texture and its salty, slightly sweet taste, with notes of hazelnuts. Enjoy it surrounded by good company!

Le Navigateur

Guyère style

The Navitateur offers a creamy texture and a rich, salty taste with notes of hazelnuts that intensifies over time. Enjoy it with crusty bread, berries, and nuts for a delicious appetizer!

Le Petit Castor

Swiss style

Le Petit Castor, our baby Swiss! This melt-in-your-mouth semi-soft cheese offers a perfect blend of sweet and acidulated flavours. Having ripened for less time than a typical Swiss cheese, it offers a creamier and more buttery texture.

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