La Fromagerie des Trois Rapides

La Fromagerie des Trois Rapides was born from a desire to share one of life’s simplest pleasures and to provide a savoury assortment of fine artisanal cheeses. Our handcrafted selection is made with organic milk from cows that graze rich, organic pastures in Eastern Ontario. Keeping with the age-old tradition of making nature the master artisan, we make no compromises between a forward-looking and gourmet product. Bring the charm of our beautiful region to your charcuterie board or picnic table and savour the choicest selection of fine cheeses Eastern Ontario has to offer.

Green Beaver

La Fromagerie des Trois Rapides was founded by Alain Ménard, Co-Founder and President of The Green Beaver Company. When Alain was a student in microbiology at McGill University, he had the opportunity to learn all about cheese making. Although the science behind it was what initially piqued his interest (you know, like how cheese is a product of selected microbial activity and all that jazz), Alain has always been passionate about everything natural and organic, including great food. It only made sense that organic artisanal fine cheese be next on his plate. Literally.

Meet Alain Ménard, founder of Green Beaver.

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