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Le Portage No. 1

Mild Cheddar
Aged 2 - 4 months
Our youngest cheddar offers a delectable buttery and melty texture.
It should be enjoyed with just about anything. A versatile crowd pleaser!

Le Portage No. 2

Medium Cheddar
Aged 4 - 10 months
Our medium cheddar is slightly firm in texture while offering a light sharpness in taste, accentuating its true cheddar taste. If a subtle tang is your cup of tea, you will love Le Portage no. 2.

Le Blondeau

Young Gouda
Aged 4 -6 weeks
Our Young Gouda is a semi-firm cheese that offers a mildly nutty and caramel-like flavour. You will love its rich and deliciously creamy texture.